Index Card A Day


The last few days of this great challenge. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 61 days of making art every day.
Here are my last few cards.

Stencils and Pencils
pencil stencil

machine felted scraps
I collected a box of sewing bits, the tiny craps and the cotton left at the end of a sewing session which you would normally throw in the bin. I machine felted them onto a piece of muslin and cut a piece for this card.

Lint and Flowers
lint and flowers

I collected some lint from the tumble dryer. Over a few days I had some different colours and machine felted it onto some lightweight linen. I love the texture it produced, if a little dusty! It also amuses me greatly when I recall the face of my husband when I told him what it was! The flowers are hand felted.

Crossword ICAD
crossword icad

And as it is the last day of the project this is my only digital card. I had seen someone make a crossword of words but I can’t find the blog now, if it was your card let me know? but my words didn’t turn out to be a good shape for a crossword so I made the words fit together like this.

So my twenty words say thank you to Tammy at Daisy Yellow for a brilliant project, and thank you all for looking at my cards and saying such nice things.

6 thoughts on “Index Card A Day

  1. I’ve enjoyed your cards, too! Each time you post, I’m amazed at the variety of styles and materials. Great stuff! My favourite here is definitely Scraps. I just want to reach out across the ocean to touch it!! Love your digital tribute to the challenge, too.

  2. Hi Miriam
    Wow! What a cool post, I love all your colours and textures, especially the texture in your felted flowers. What a great challenge you have undertaken for 61 days. Perhaps I may consider doing something like this in the future.

  3. Wow, what a finale to such a great two months’ worth of creativity! It has always been exciting to see your next little mini-project snd these are no exception. Lint from the washing machine? Genius! And I do like your stencils and pencils …

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