Texture Tuesday

At Kim Klassen’s Cafe it is Not Necessarily Texture Tuesday ~ Anything Goes Edition

Rebecca Sower is posting a series of images she calls Inside Outside. They are beautiful, I thought I would try it today. The fist one was taken in the glasss house sheltering from the rain you see in the second one


Ruby Blossom Texture


The only texture on this photo is the rain!

We have huge rain here today, wherever you are I hope you are dry.

8 thoughts on “Texture Tuesday

  1. These are lovely, Miriam 🙂 Great rain texture! It’s nice and dry here at the moment, and I can even see blue sky – just a shame I can’t get outside to enjoy it!!

  2. oh I just love these Miriam. we have had a LOT of rain this year, and things just grow greener and more lush, BUT also this brings many many weeds and I finally finished clearing them out of the walkway
    this morning, with Gracie’s companionship to encourage me. she loved to just lay in the cool dirt and then loved having a bath and sunning herself then coming in to nap and nap and nap…

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