Story Telling Sunday Two: The Words The Pictures

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My post today is brought to you by the wonderful Sian over at High in the Sky. The first Sunday in the month is set aside for Story Telling.
Here is mine. I can’t wait to read the others!

Two tales from Paddington.

The vacuum cleaner wasnโ€™t performing the one task it is supposed to – suck! We decided to get a man in. He was arriving between 9 and 1 on Friday. For once the three of us had a day off, not one of us dressed, when at 8.30 am the doorbell rang.

There was me in my nightie, answering the door to a very jolly man from Paddington as it turned out. Did I mind that he was a few minutes early? I let him in and excused myself saying that someone would be down in a while to make tea; I sent husband.

The two of them got chatting over a mug of tea. Paul said he had just been reminded of when he was a boy, a man used to come and service their vacuum cleaner, he was called Dave Hugget and all the children used to hang around when Dave called because his tool bag was full of fascinating things a boy could only dream about owning! The inside of the old vacuum cleaner was, well, just a boys dream and an awful lot of dust! Sometimes something exciting had been picked up, a coin maybe or a bead or something that might need poking.

The man from Paddington listened intently to this story and said how it was “a very interesting story” and it reminded him of being a boy himself and the excitement in his mothers home when the brush man came to check over the bristles on her yard brush!!!!!!!!!!

“So what brought you to this part of the world?” enquired Paul, the man from Paddington said, โ€œa good few years of what I thought was a happy marriage when out of the blue the wife left me, took the house and the children and proceeded with a messy divorce that lasted for what seemed like foreverโ€.

A mug of tea later we learnt that he moved across the country to sleep on his brothers settee and find work. He had no wife, no kids, no place of his own, no money and no job when into his life walked a woman who fell in love with him and him with her. He is the happiest man alive right now with a job servicing vacuum cleaners, a home of his own and a future to look forward to.

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together”.
Marilyn Monroe

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  1. What a lovely story this is! As you know, our vacuum cleaner fan round here is Little E and I can just see him nodding sagely at this tale and the redemption to be found in vacuums! This is an absolute charmer of a story. Thank you.

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