A Moment in September

Simply a Moment is a beautiful idea from Alexa at Trimming The Sails to capture a moment in our lives. She has chosen September 15th for the first one which just happens to be our wedding anniversary.

10.15am Friday 15th September 2012.

I can hardly keep my eyes open. 2.00am is not my preferred bed time but we had such a wonderful day yesterday, I want to think about it for a moment and I want to record a Simple Moment inspired by Alexa.
I can hear the traffic this morning: it seems heavier than usual. The sound from the road comes from my right hand side through the open window of Paul’s office. I much prefer the sounds that drift up from my left as I sit here and type next to my open window. Sparrows are chattering away in the ivy, a magpie is shouting the odds at anyone who will listen; the small white dog that lives a few gardens away is barking it’s little head off. Does he want to go in for his breakfast or he is joining in with the magpie chorus.
On the spare bed behind me are the clothes I wore to the wedding yesterday. I felt happy and confident and very me! I was pleased with my choice. My makeup box is still on the bed along with hair straighteners (cold) hairdryer and brushes. The contents of my bag are strewn everywhere. I wonder what I was looking for when we came in? My phone no doubt! My camera is here beside me, I am thinking about what I will see when I have downloaded the pictures.
Beside my camera is the anniversary card Ben gave us. Was it really twenty-eight years ago that we were married? Oh how different and discreet our wedding day was compared to the lavish affair of yesterday. If I close my eyes I can still feel the smooth silk of my jacket and the nerves I felt on that morning. I can feel my hat with its beautiful white marabou feather moving gently with every tilt of my head. I am remembering the table with the oval mirror where I sat and applied my make up and I left everything just where it was before leaving for church just as I did yesterday.
My brother’s face has drifted across my thoughts, he gave me away, he was so young, but then we all were!
I open my eyes and see my lovely husband looking at the gift our son bought us. We have not bought gifts for each other this year, we have too much on our minds just at he moment, but we have the hope of a special gift when the time is right.

The day may have been somewhat different but the vows my niece and her new husband made yesterday were the same as the vows we made this day in 1984.

I will make this into a page for my book. Thank you Alexa.

8 thoughts on “A Moment in September

  1. Many congratulations to you both, Miriam, on your anniversary, and how vividly yet gently you have threaded the days of celebration and commitment together. The glimpse of the wedding train is such a perfect fragment. I have really enjoyed reading this. I’m so glad, and touched, you’ve joined in. 🙂

  2. What a lovely post! We’ll have been married 40 years next summer, but I still recall many of the details of our wedding. You’ve inspired me to get them down on paper.

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