Weeds are flowers too…

Once you get to know them

I was walking with my brother towards Lavernock Point along the cliff top overlooking the Bristol Channel. I was admiring the view of course and enjoyed pinpointing where we were. We live on opposite sides of this stretch of water (almost) opposite each other. We can both see the same islands in the channel.
I was also busy taking pictures of the wild flowers along the way as I usually do when he asked me what I was looking at.
I showed him and he wondered why I was taking pictures of weeds.
“I’ll send the pictures to you when I get home” I told him. “Would you hold this one for me? It is too low down for my back today”
We continued our walk with him looking out for photogenic ‘weeds’ that were growing too near the ground for me. (Yes he is a wonderful brother).

In the pub garden afterwards:) he said how much more interesting the walk had been with a camera in hand, he had never noticed the flora growing along this walk before.

I was thinking about the quote that Helena uses on her blog from Improv Wisdom by Patricia Ryan Madson.

Celebrate the obvious – what is ordinary to you is often a revelation to others.

I sent him these pictures

I know the AA Milne quote I used for my title usually gets interpreted as a metaphor, but sometimes I like to use it literally.

Seen anything ordinary lately?

7 thoughts on “Weeds are flowers too…

  1. The Daucus shot is juct spectacular Miriam, well, they all are but that one stands out. And I agree completely that a walk is more interesting with a camera.

  2. What fantastic photographs. You have really captured the essence of each ‘weed’, as well as this the quotes were very thought provoking! Andy

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