Photo Art Friday

Photo Art Friday

For Photo Art Friday this week our challenge is to share any macro image (with whatever manipulations you choose) that pleases you.
I am still learning how to take macro images so I have played with the crop tool for this challenge πŸ™‚

This is two copies of the same image with one turned 180deg to give me a blue background and the other cropped to put the flower head in the foreground. I used Bonnies texture, Abstract Elements Drops of Jupiter, altered the blending mode, added a frame & stamp, felt happy and called it done.

This is three images, the sea shore, a close crop of a pink rose and a close crop of some grasses. All at various blend modes until I felt happy. Three textures: Bonnies Heavenly, Purple Dust and Splash of Gold. It’s my favourite. Not forgetting a frame of course.

This is two images. The base one is of a plate of strawberries which I added a swirl effect to. I closely cropped one strawberry with leaves, and placed it on top, altered the blend modes, brushed away some texture from the leaves and put a vellum overlay on, added a frame, liked what I saw and called it done.

This is an image of a white tulip with one petal missing. I closely cropped the flower head and added 3 of Bonnies textures: Sweet Secret, Dream Wonder and Splash of Gold texture. I really liked the yellow stamens spilling over onto the yellow part of the gold texture.

I always liked the original photo of the Iris because it reminds me of a lovely afternoon spent with a girlfriend. I have given it a new lease of life by adding a Topaz Simplify action, a texture from Ruth West and a vellum overlay from Bonnie and yes, a frame.

What’s with the frames? Quick and Easy frames was something I learnt on Kim Klassen’s fabulous Beyond Layers Course.

I had a really lovely day off today, It was freezing cold outside so I stayed in and played.

I am linking to Photo Art Friday where there is some very beautiful digital art today.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter Weekend, that the weather is kind to you and all your eggs are chocolate. I on the other hand will enjoy my first glass of wine in seven weeks…Cheers.

16 thoughts on “Photo Art Friday

  1. Some lovely work here Miriam! I especially like the first and the last ones. (Your photos took forever to load – are you uploading them in a WEB format? Perhaps it is WordPress acting up!??)

    Thank you for sharing your photo art with PAF – it is always a delight to visit here.

  2. Happy Easter to you as well! I so enjoy reading about your manipulations. When my plate of learning is less full, I am interested in learning more about this. I love the first one!

  3. Wonderful work you present here! I think my favorite must be the first and the last one! The blue tones are lovely, and I really like the composition in the last one!
    Have a great new week:)

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