Journal Your Christmas 11th December.

I had some time to myself on Sunday which is just as well because my journal entry for 11th has taken on a life of it’s own. I seem to have so much to say about Shimelle’s prompt for wrapping and then there was the story of the reindeer to tell. If only she hadn’t mentioned that this could be a really quick page to do!
My pages are quite small (5×7), so one page has turned into 5!….and the 11th wasn’t wrapping…
That’s the joy of this project though, no rules!

If you would like to read my journalling click on the page, it should open large enough to read in a new window.

6 thoughts on “Journal Your Christmas 11th December.

  1. How wonderful! Such brilliant stories … Smiling here because we STILL have ‘Father Christmas’ paper for the stocking presents to differentiate them from the family ones and I used to hide those papers too!

  2. One of the best things about this annual project is that you can make it your own—no rules to follow! I love what you’ve done here. You’ll always be glad you got the whole story down! And what a clever solution to a wrapping problem.

  3. Miriam, that is such a lovely story; what a wonderful son you have. Oh and the story about the Radio Times took me right back. I LOVED the Christmas edition, but for sure we never had a posh cover to put it in. I wish I’d bought a copy when we were in the UK last year, I’m sure it would have made a fab souvenir. x

  4. Miriam….I hope I’ve got the right person to say thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve been looking for you or a few days now…your JYC’s looking great..and I’m another one who had different papers for the Santa presents..that reindeer is wonderful!
    Alison xx

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