Sian’s Story Telling Sunday

’tis the season

…to start my Advent Journal.
I lit my Advent Candle on the first Sunday of Advent this year and decided to start my Journal from then. This is the first entry in my book.

I haven’t really thought about the meaning or start of Advent since I was a young girl going to mass on a Sunday morning with the family.
It was such a special time, a time of preparation and anticipation for the birth of Jesus. I loved the ritual and the colour of Advent in the Church. The purple wall hangings and priests vestments, a symbol of Hope and Waiting.
The peace, the singing, candlelight and the deep earthy perfume of frankincense burning touched my soul.
Mum used to begin her preparation at home like everyone else, starting with the pudding made last Sunday. There was so little money and so many of us. How she did it never ceases to amaze me. She baked and stored things away, (later, not far enough away from brother Tim who loved her mince pies!)
She shopped and stashed things in her wardrobe (discovered by brother Martin). Her knitting needles flew through the evening, socks, hats and scarves for this person or that person.
Fabric, always a bit of fabric to be made into something for this dolly or that action man.
My parents were ‘famous’ around family friends and neighbours for the sweets they made and packaged so beautifully for gifts.
I remember making smooth glossy fudge, vanilla or chocolate or rum & raisin, my dad’s favourite.
We used to stand in a row waiting for a turn to pull the toffee from one end of the kitchen to the other (or so it seemed) fold it, like a bed sheet, and pull it out again to make it chewy and smooth.
The smell and the pink and green colours of the coconut ice, are still so vivid in my memory. I didn’t like the smell of it then or now.
How our parents coped with the endless stream of demands, the television advertising and peer pressure remains a mystery. I can’t ask mum now of course but I know what she would have said. “Just get on with it!” that was her answer to lots of things. I realised as I grew up that she was a very strong Irish lady with an unshakable faith in the Lord. Only He had the answers. She certainly did not she told us, so she left things in His hands.

I have her strength and some of her faith. For that and all our childhood Christmases I thank her.

Thank you to Sian for linking all these wonderful stories together.

Merry December story telling to you all.

The cover of my Journal

and my entry for The First Sunday in Advent

I will share my JYC pages during the week. Hope you have a happy day today.

16 thoughts on “Sian’s Story Telling Sunday

  1. I think your story is a fine reminder as to how special this time of the year is, material goods seem so irrelevant when I read a beautiful story like yours today!
    Thank you Miriam, Merry Christmas to you all!

  2. Your story triggered lvoely memories of making sweets to give as gifts – the lurid pink coconut ice and peppermint creams and fudge

  3. And so it goes round that we are now in the midst of a handmade revolution and your Mother would have been a superstar of that.

    A very Merry Christmas to you 🙂

  4. It sounds like you are ready for Advent with right focus in mind; growing up in a faith-filled house is such a blessing. Merry Christmas!

  5. A fine, fine reminder that the very best Christmasses begin in the hearts of those who give so freely of themselves. We will be making mince pies later on today, maybe some fudge too, and I’ll be thinking about your story when we do.

    Your support for Storytelling Sunday has meant a lot this year. I’ll never forget the email you sent early on in the year about how much it meant. I’ll be thinking about you and your year this Christmas Miriam.

  6. Your Mum sounds like she was a wonderful woman who knew a thing or two about making Christmas special without breaking the bank! I personally think home-made presents are twice as meaningful as shop bought!

    Merry Christmas ♥

  7. what a beautiful start to your journal I love your reminiscing your mother sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing and reminding me that the simple things of Christmas are often the best xxx

  8. Lovely memories reminding us all of the true meaning of Christmas. What a wonderful image you’ve conjured in my mind of toffee, being folded like a bed sheet!! Wishing you a Merry Christmas xx

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