Summer Scavenger Hunt

Rindas wonderful Scavenger Hunt. 2 pages to share today.

Item 1 A self Portrait, in Dublin
Item 3 A fire, in the hotel
Item 11 A forrest, in Wicklow
Item 15 A wooden Bridge at Glendalough
Item 5 A public meeting in Dublin
Item 20 A roadside memorial, in the Wicklow mountains
Item 19 A beehive, I noticed this in a village nearby on a journey home. I didn’t have my camera so went back the next day. That’s how the Scavenger Hunt got to me.

And the last 7 items to complete Rinda’s Summer Scavenger Hunt 2011.

Item 9 I found the unicycle in a sports shop in WSM £90.00 to you!
Item 16 The glass building is the Aviva Stadium Landsdowne Road Dublin. I love that I just saw it ‘in the middle of a housing estate!’ as we were on our way to the airport.
Item 15 Carters Steam Fair in WSM.
Item 6 Barry Waterfront Festival was awash with Pirates and Honest Seafaring Men as these two said they were.
Item 18 Sketching in WSM.
Item 13 6th century cemetery in Glendalough Co Wicklow.
Item 2 The world famous, one and only helicopter museum is right here in WSM

This was such a wonderful challenge. I really hope there will be another one (pretty please) Thank you Rinda.

4 thoughts on “Summer Scavenger Hunt

  1. You have completed it! That’s fantastic Miriam. And your pages are so lovely. Well done 🙂

    Just one tiny little thing lol – round here calling it the Aviva Stadium is sacrilege. It’ll always be Lansdowne Road 🙂

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