Project 64

At Project 64 we are looking for red this week.

What a great colour and it is everywhere I look, from milk bottle tops, to toy busses from Gazania to Geranium and from my new nail colour to my shoulders from sitting in the sun too long!
Here are my finds, at least the ones I think are suitable for publication!
My favourite and the one I am entering for week 26 is this tomato because that’s what everyone said I looked like after the hottest weekend we have had since I can’t remember when..

My entry for Project 64 week 26

And some other beautiful reds around me this week.
Gazania still looking fabulous in the sun.

Raspberries so sweet and luscious this year, and in my favourite blue bowl.

And a red rose for my boy because he thinks that red is the only colour a rose should be.

Have a look at some stunning finds for red over here at Project 64

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