Project 365

OOps! I completely forgot to post this. It obviously came together far too easily, then promptly left my mind. Does that happen to you?

We went to an art exhibition at the weekend. It was by a guy called Stephen Magrath and was about how he sees and thinks about the brain of a person that has dementia. Sounds heavy but it was wonderful. His interpretations were stunning. There was also a poetry reading by a lady called Karen Hayes who read from her book “The Edges of Everywhere” Poems written with the words of people with dementia. Funny, sad, touching, insightful and working with people with dementia, unsurprising, of course these people have a voice, we just need to listen harder to hear it.
We had a very intersting morning and as it was the preview day there was gorgeous food and wine!
For the first time since we have lived here, at the weekend we went to the castle at Banwell for a Somerset Cream Tea. It was fabulous. We sat in the conservatory with the sun shining, overlooking the Mendips and there was even a peacock wandering about the place.
My car had some tlc this week, new tyres, MOT which it passed and a service.
I was looking for Red Violet for Project 64, I had a lovely new colour on my nails ‘passionate plum’ and I also have a picture of me!
Template is from Chrissy W P365 set 3 at Two Peas

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