Project 64

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Project 64 is looking for Olive Green this week. I thought this was a difficult colour to find, so many greens around but just not the right shade.
I was almost giving up when I noticed this little stook of wheat on my shelf collecting dust, I thought the stalks were just perfect.
This is such a great project for opening my eyes to what’s around me.

I put it on a book on my windowsill when I had finished the photos and the book was such a good match too!

Have a look over here for lovely olive green shots this week.

6 thoughts on “Project 64

  1. I love the composition of your first picture! Great find! I love how when we are so close to giving up, the color just seems to turn up! 😀

  2. The first photo is my favorite of the two. I would love to have things like this in my house even if it’s collecting dust but with two very young boys things are always flying even when they are not supposed to.

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