Project 64

Project 64 are looking for Salmon this week.

The colour looks much paler on the little card with my scribble on it.
I had the crayon with me at the garden centre this week and choose this geranium because it was such a good match.

This beautiful peony has so many shades of pink including, I think, Salmon.

I used this tissue paper in the glass to photograph some gold earrings and it was still on my desk when I saw the reveal. I wanted the beads for another challenge but changed my mind, I am sure the whole thing says salmon.

Look over here there are some really beautiful Salmon pictures to feast your eyes on.

project64 button

All my shots are SOOC this week.

7 thoughts on “Project 64

  1. Salmon certainly was a tricky color, wasn’t it! Looks like you found quite a few options. I like the beads and tissue paper the best.

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