Something lovely for a rainy Saturday

It is a dark morning here with that fine rain that soaks you! We really need the rain so I am pleased to see it through my window today. It will water my baskets bring the garden back to life and everything will be very photogenic later this afternoon.
I took these photo’s yesterday in the sunshine.
Every year these lovely tall Scabios return. In May and June they cover a stone wall that is about 8 feet tall and 15 feet long. They have a lot of foliage! On top of all this stem and leaf sits the little flower. In the group, the flowers are at every stage which is great to photograph. They look lovely swaying gently in the breeze. They get a lot of attention from people that pass by because, they say, they are an unusual colour. I have only ever had this cream colour. Whether they are unusual or not I love them!

3 thoughts on “Something lovely for a rainy Saturday

  1. Two beautiful photos! We’ve had enough rain here for you and for us! Our garden is just now dry enough to plant, but we still came home with very muddy feet today after starting the planting.

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