Project 365 Catching up

Week 17

Easter Weekend arrived at last. We have been looking forward to this long weekend so much. The weather forecast was for sunshine so we planned a weekend in the garden. Paul & I were on our own on Saturday so we had a treat of a fabulous shellfish platter for lunch, a chilled glass of Pinot was just perfect with it. Easter Sunday was a lovely lazy day. The boys had bought me some gorgeous roses, which I photographed from every which way possible. The bouquet had some eucalyptus and some hydrangea in for greenery so after a couple of days I took them out for more photographs! The hydrangea flowered by the end of this week and was so pretty. The 25th was Ben’s birthday. We booked a table at our favourite restaurant, Yo:gi’s the Japanese in town. We had a wonderful evening with lots of gorgeous food, drinking and picture taking. I was taking part in a photographic challenge called ‘my day in pictures so my camera was with me all day and all evening! I chose the picture of us for this page. The rest of the days pictures I posted on my blog. I cleaned my crystals this week and thought the amethyst looked so beautiful in the sun. Project 64 was looking for Pacific Blue, which I found really difficult to find. I liked this picture of snug harbour and it brought back happy memories of a wonderful road trip we did with Jane & David Oh so many years ago now. I have been wanting to take a picture with sun spots or bokeh for ages. When I tried before I was disappointed but his time I got so many beautiful shots I was overjoyed. The dark pink weigelia is very beautiful this year and with the bokeh, just perfect! Of course Friday we were all on a days holiday again because it was the Royal Wedding. Prince William married Kate Middleton. Paul & I sat glued to the TV all day, which is just what we said we wouldn’t do. Hey Ho! We had a lovely day chillin’ together.

Week 18

I wanted to photograph some sheep and lambs; I have no idea why. Maybe it’s because I see them in the fields as I drive by but I can never stop to look. At the weekend we went to Court Farm in Banwell. It was a clear and bright day but oh so windy! We had a fabulous afternoon wandering around this working farm. All the animals were close enough to touch if you wanted to! I spoke to a horse, I am afraid of them but this one just stood and let folk pet him.
Paul bought me some beautiful dark purple sweet peas this week. Their perfume was as wonderful as their colour.
I ordered some solar lights for the garden and they arrived this week. Their blue light looks so pretty. I would like some more!
Karen & I had an afternoon in Clevedon. Mostly we just chatted as we went to each shop in turn, pointing things out to each other. We both saw some pretty glass tea light holders; ‘dangly things’. We each bought one of course! Mine is purple and now hangs on the branch on the patio; hers is turquoise and is hanging in her kitchen. It’s a good thing we went; we didn’t know we needed them! Karen also bought a beautiful turquoise blue handbag, I was so proud of her!
I like to take pictures on the windowsill in my room but the light is just a little too bright and the window surround too dark, but it is the perfect place for me. I had a brainwave! I put a wire across the window and bought some different fabrics to hang to diffuse the bright light of the sun and lighten the dark of the window frame. I was playing with my camera and through my lens saw the blue sky with fluffy white clouds through the white fabric. Love it!
I saw this poppy while out visiting this week. I have never seen a poppy with such frilly petals: it was very beautiful.
I found the box of beautiful shells I had been searching for, in the shed! They had popped into my mind as a subject for photographing. I washed them and then thought they needed a little something, so I rubbed them with some olive oil which amused my boys so much. I brought them to my windowsill to photograph and I am really pleased with the results. I think this one is a Queen Conch shell. It has the most beautiful colour pink inside.

Papers from Katie Pertiet and Lo by Chrissy W at 2p’s

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