Blogging for Scrapbookers & Beyond!

The lovely Shimelle got me thinking about actually doing something about re-organising my blog. I have been procrastinating for ages so yesterday and today my husband & I have been fiddling around with the inner workings, resulting in some strangeness on the blog! sorry, I will be looking better later. Well it will take more than fiddling to get me looking better, I mean the blog will look a bit different later.
It is a fabulous sunny and warm day here today, hope it is where you are.
I love todays prompt! thank goodness for digital and iphoto.

I have just found The Creative Exchange and want to link this photo this week. I love tulips, they are beautiful at every stage. They stay in the vase until the last petals fall. Just after I took the picture all the petals fell off!!

5 thoughts on “Blogging for Scrapbookers & Beyond!

  1. Beautiful photograph! Fiddling with my blog always makes me a bit nervous so I tend to avoid it. It’s been forever since I changed my banner! Yours always looks good to me. I love the clean, white background. It’s so easy to read and your banner is gorgeous!

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