Around the world in 60 minutes

I saw this on the i player last night. It was fabulous.
‘David Morrissey narrates a unique journey around the weird and wonderful planet that we call home. What would you see during just one orbit of the Earth?’
It was a look at how our planet benefits from space travel.
The interview with Piers Sellars Mission Specialist was so interesting, his excitement at travelling in the shuttle was infectious, he gave little bits of info you never hear in other space programmes.
The pictures of our world from the space station, just wonderful.
The work the men & women on the space station and the fun they have.
The programme took us around the world stopping at various locations and telling us how the satellites in space have informed us about what is happening to our world, and with the knowledge gained how we can work towards saving our planet. The deforrestation of the rain forrest, beautiful Hawaii acting as a catch all for our abandoned plastics, the shrinking of Iceland, the northern and southern lights from space. the erosion lakes, the sky over China,

…to be able to look down and understand how things are interconnected
we’re starting to understand how we can influence the natural world and each other…

Cloudy moon taken October 2010

oooh, Im off to watch it all over again. Want to join me?

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