March 2011

At last February is over. On the one hand I don’t like to wish the days away but I really struggle with the beginning of the year. March to me says spring, even though it is raining yet again. The crocus and the daffodils are brightening up the verges as I drive around the area for work. I have seen so many tiny blue Iris this year and this morning I saw a cherry in full blossom. I was in a traffic queue so couldn’t take a photo for you.
Bright yellow forsythia and emerging buds on my philadelphus are real harbingers of spring for me. I am noticing so many catkins on my journeys, are there more of them this year or am I more observant?
It won’t be many weeks until the clocks alter and then I feel as though I have “made it through the winter”

Learning Photoshop

I have been having some fun with textures thanks to a Kim Klassen class

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