An Ordinary Life

I have this friend, (whom I love very much) every time we go out for coffee she asks me the same thing.
So, what have you been up to? been anywhere? done anything? I used to say no, not much really, then she would rattle off the hundred facinating things that she has done, places she has been, friends that they have had over or been to LAST WEEK! and then tell me I really ought to get out! I used to feel that my life was a bit sad and inconsequential. But then one time, I told her how happy I was that I had my husband home after a week away, or my son was visiting from UNI or the weather was going to be great and we could take our dog for a walk whilst holding hands just happy to be together, or best of all, nothing at all was happening this weekend and we could stay in bed for an extra hour or two drinking tea, talking and having a cuddle because we had missed each other during the week! Give me a cuddle, a beautiful sunset or a glass of something nice and I am happy!
not a brilliant photo, my camera was on the wrong setting!

What makes you happy?

3 thoughts on “An Ordinary Life

  1. Yep, simple pleasures for me too – Visits from the grandchildren, walks on sunny beaches, Thorntons chox, a good book or a movie, sharing the sofa with DH! 🙂

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