True Stories

Prompt 6

Prompt 6 focuses on the word IF

Some of the ladies on the forum have had some fun with this one.
I wrote a number of ‘serious’ pages in my journal but I think they will stay there!

My lovely friend Marcella gave me these cosy slippers for Christmas last year, I love them and I love her. My IF is very light hearted!

If I hadn’t gone to work for DCT
I wouldn’t have met Marcella
If I hadn’t met Marcella
I wouldn’t have got ‘into crafts’
If I hadn’t got ‘into crafts’
I wouldn’t have looked on the craft sites
If I hadn’t looked on the craft sites
I wouldn’t have learnt what blogging is
If I hadn’t learnt what blogging is
I wouldn’t have been reading blogs ‘for ages’
If I hadn’t been reading your blogs
I wouldn’t have started my blog
If I hadn’t started my blog
I wouldn’t know you! xx

6 thoughts on “True Stories

  1. I love the way this came out. I hope to get caught up this week, and yours is certainly inspiration. Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. So glad to have found yours.

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