October Photos 31/31

Princess Pepsi

I started this project with a photo of Pepsi so it is going to end with one. I like this soft focus picture of her and I don’t have many pictures of her standing up! In this particular one she has been enjoying her hobby which is …looking out of the gate… She will have you up and down twenty times throughout the day to let her out. We always imagine she is being good and wanting a wee, but no, the gate calls.

Look away now if reading about other folks four legged babies bores you to death. I promise I won’t be offended, I rarely talk about her to others and this will be the first and last post about her (thats the plan anyway).


Interesting facts about Greyhounds in general and Pepsi in particular.
Anything crossed with a greyhound is called a Lurcher.
They make wonderful pets, gentle, loving and quiet with fur as soft as silk. Pepsi never barks, (except when she is dreaming)
Greyhounds only need short walks.
Greyhounds run extremely fast for short distances and then lie down for a long time!
They run around in circles on your lawn or on your furniture, so no grass around the edges and little leather left on my settee.
They are terrible food thieves. They are very tall standing on their back legs and can easily reach the back of the worktop. You soon learn.
Pepsi is 6 years old in December, we have had her for 4 years now, we rescued her from a life less pampered. She, like many other rescued greyhounds fell on her four feet when she came to live with us.
Greyhounds seem to have many more than four legs when it comes to moving around and trying to get comfortable, for that is the eternal quest of Pepsi. She is a bag of bones and those bones need to be in constant contact with softness.
Pepsi sleeps for twenty three hours a day.
Pepsi has more coats than me.
Some things that follow are going to shock you. Hopefully you will be sitting down so won’t fall down, or probably aren’t even reading this by now.
Pepsi sleeps on our once beautiful three seater leather settee. When she stretches there is room only for her. She will share her space with me providing I let her put her head on my knee, or tummy or chest where she gazes loving at me, and everyone in the house shouts “that is wrong!”

Sometimes if she is a little chilly she will get my husband out of his chair, he falls for it every time. As soon as he has gone to the back door to let her out, she jumps in his warm and cosy seat.
She sleeps on our bed! I know, I know, I know, but it is far too late now. No details will follow.
In the morning, when I can get her up, she would like to sleep till ten or eleven (I have no idea how she holds it, I certainly can’t!) after a spell in the garden, running as fast as a greyhound, and a look out of the gate she runs up the stairs four at a time to her day bed in my craft space, her very own space.
She realises I am not there, (I am in the kitchen,) I can hear her running from room to room looking for me. Pepsi has very little going on in her beautiful head, “lights are on, nobody home’ fits her well for most of the time. She flies into the kitchen to sleep on her kitchen bed, she watches me very carefully incase I drop anything edible on the floor.

Pepsi follows me around. She is attached to me by an invisible thread. It makes everyone who comes to the house laugh. ‘They move as one” is a phrase frequently heard.
Anyway, Pepsi is my love, my friend, and my princess. So often it’s just me and her.
People say I spoil her, but I have always believed that you can’t spoil someone you love.
That includes my princess.
Thank you all for following my October photos and for your wonderful comments. I can now concentrate on Shimelle’s new class, True Stories .

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  1. She’s beautiful! And I found your post very interesting, I learnt a few things about dogs in general and Pepsi herself sounds quite a character! 🙂

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