Week 5

I haven’t been out much this past week and was struggling a bit for a Snap! for Helena’s meme.

Last night I looked in on Words with Friend and played Hump for 39 points. Not only was I pleased with that but I noticed our scores 🙂 Helena! I thought quite loudly, hope I didn’t wake you?
So my Snap! this week is just one picture.
I hope it makes you smile.


6 thoughts on “Snap!

  1. You seem to be having such fun with this game. I tried to make a sentence out of your words – now that was fun. Hump for 39 points – perfect as today is Hump Day.

  2. Very clever. You were on the ball there. When I did a lot of nights as a student nurse, 7 at a time, Wednesday was known as “hump night” as we were half way through the week! Believe me we were far too tired for any other meaning of the word!

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