Week 3

I really, really, really wanted to get a picture of the robin for the Winter Scavenger Hunt.
I have a bid bath in the garden which is a great thing to bring the birds in but they don’t tend to take a long leisurely bath, more of a quick dive in, splash it all around a bit kind of bath.
I was lucky last week to be right there at the window and with my camera in my hand!

This week I went to the shops and bought some mealworms to put on the bird table with the ordinary bird seed. I think my seed is the value kind or the basics or even the blue & white stripes one because the robin is not visiting the table. The mealworms did the trick beautifully. Robin must have exceptionally good eyesight to pick them out on the table or on the ground.
So, I am a happy bunny today, The Winter Scavenger Hunt Item one done and a contribution to Helenas wonderful new meme Snap!

He has spotted the mealworms

Week 3 Robin 1

He is on a lower branch, I watched him look around at the ground

Week 3 Robin 2

He has spotted something that I, with my non robin eye can’t see

Week 3 Robin 3

Hooray! he has the mealworm in his beak!


The next picture sees the mealworm slipping down his throat but I thought that was a bit too graphic for a Wednesday morning.

Mealworms! worth every penny.

14 thoughts on “Snap!

  1. I have never tried mealworms. Well I will rephrase that. I have never tried putting mealworms out for the birds. I do however have a robin that visits but he does like to fly off when he sees my camera. I have caught him now but am yet to blog it. Lovely photos. The mealworm in the throat would have been an interesting extra!

  2. what a fabulous series…your English Robins are so sweet..not at all like the the robins that I see in Canada!! I have never heard of mealworms for bird food either…

  3. These are fabulous, and the robins in your area look quite different from the ones we’ll see here in the spring. (Yours are more beautiful, to be sure.)

  4. Yet another super set. I love how the light catches his orange in the top picture. I have a robin who visits me pretty often here and seems to enjoy having his picture taken.
    BTW your comment on Helena’s blog made me laugh!

  5. Amazing – he’s a beautiful example of your type of Robin Redbreast. I think he is quite handsome & quite different from ours.

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