December and Me

This lovely idea is Sian’s over at high in the sky.

I was laughing with my husband about the way things used to be and how very old and out of touch with the modern world we feel. There, did you notice? I used the phrase ‘Modern World’ I used it quite naturally, without thought, it’s become part of my language. My grandmother used to say that!

We used to go to the village to see what lovely things The Goblin Market had in stock. Call in at the bank to get some cash, then onto Cantells to look and possibly order some of our Christmas fayre. Then along the road to Elsies the florist to see what new ideas she had for christmas floral decorations. Drop in at the post office to buy stamps and drop them into the box outside. His mums or her mums for Christmas day lunch would already be decided, we go to the opposite one from last year. And on the way home call in at Clays the butcher to order what we wanted for new year

Now its all ‘on line’ Should I pay for next day? I’ve booked ‘my slot’ at the supermarket, I have until 15th to make alterations. My friend is taking me to a wreath making class. I can’t remember the last time I had any money in my purse, I don’t even need a few pounds since I can now fast pay on my card.
The ‘kids are going to Lapland to see Father Christmas for a week! What’s wrong with the co-op? Does he not go there anymore?
Mind you I remember e-mailing him last year!

Hey Ho as I’m prone to chanting these days. We will have a wonderful day, the only things I am making are some gifts for the family. I have long since learnt that Christmas is still magical even though the most I do is have a supermarket delivery, peel the sprouts and open the rather luscious Christmas pudding.
I need, ‘at home together’, more than anything this year.

Today I am sticking with the wonderful tradition of actually hand writing my Christmas cards with Christmas carols filling the air around me.

Happy December.

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas this year is for the person reading this to be Healthy Happy and loved.

5 thoughts on “December and Me

  1. a lovely wish to Santa and hoping the same for you and yours.

    Seeing all the supermarket adverts with their competing festive food it does make me wonder at how much things have changed from the years when everyone ate exactly the same on Christmas day

  2. Yes: this post popped up in my Reader a few days ago; but every time I clicked through to say hello, it disappeared! I hope you had a lovely time writing those cards.

    Visiting santa in the Coop..those were the days..

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