Go Wild for Nature 3 and 4

30 Days crop

I spotted this on Barbara’s blog (From My View) and can’t resist joining in.

I’m starting a couple of days late so will add two days on at the end.
I was out in my wildernessgarden yesterday to see what has succumbed to the huge winds we have had this week.
The peonies survived! I am endlessly fascinated with the ants on the buds. They don’t seem to do any harm so I leave them be & just photograph them.
I’m really surprised with the photo as I took it with my iPhone 4s

Day 3 Ants

Day 4 Cuckoo Spit

When I zoomed in on the photo (iPhone again) I can see the little bug***s


Thanks Barbara.

4 thoughts on “Go Wild for Nature 3 and 4

  1. Your phone photos are great – isn’t the amount of detail they can capture amazing? I am going to have to go and have a look at your link – I love anything with ‘wild’ in the title :).

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