Me in March

March came and went, well, like a March hare really

March is such a strange month for me.

On the down side March is a month full of anniversaries that I find hard to ignore.
Mum, Dad, Grandmother, Grandfather, Nephew and Brother all passed away in March.

On the up side in March we had St. Patricks Day, Mothering Sunday, the first day of Spring, the clocks went forward and the kerb sides are awash with spring bulbs which brightens up the world around me. The mornings are lighter; the birds are nest building and singing later into the evening. We had some lovely weather and some great days out in March.
We only have one family birthday to celebrate this month: Happy Birthday Simon J.

I am always pleased to see the last day of the month if I’m honest. I will ring my brother or he will ring me today to say Hi, we made it! And this year we have a lovely family Easter to look forward to.
I have also been page folding during March but that’s for another post.

It’s April 9th today, that’s one quarter of the year gone already! Happy Days. Easter has come and gone and left us some fabulous weather. I hope it’s good for you too.


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