Weeks 35 and 36

We had loads of rain last week so looking at raindrops was the order of the day.

Zoom in 35

Zoom out 35

Then the sun came out so I went to have a look at my apples…

…to see who was eating them this week!
ZIZO 36 in

If anybody knows where the days are going would they let me know? My friend Mary says it’s a sign of age but I refuse to believe that, there must be another explanation…

Thanks to Helena who’s lovely meme this is. People see such interesting things, if you have a moment have a look here.

6 thoughts on “ZIZO

  1. Your apples look rosy and delicious, and your raindrop photo beautifully sharp. When do you pick your apples? I was amazed to read you had lots of rain – up here, we’ve had a warm, dry week with lots of soft sunshine. Yes, do you think time could actually be speeding up and we have no way of realising? I

  2. I started eating my apples this week – an early variety – and they are very tasty and only one was already being eaten. Love the rain gems on the leaves. I think there is a day muncher on the loose

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