The School Term is Almost Over

I can’t resist posting this Christmas Story received tonight from my brother, a teacher.

A Christmas story from the school where my brother teaches

A Colleague was teaching a year 9 class and was asking them about Christmas and what their plans were.

They each told their stories of being with family and friends and looking forward to all the nice things that Christmas will bring.

He then asked them whether they knew the story of the three wise men visiting the baby Jesus. They knew the story or had least have heard about it. He then asked them do you know what gifts they brought the baby Jesus? One began with G one began with F and the last one M.

They soon guessed that the G was gold but they were a little unsure about the F one suggested Fudge and the other one suggested Frog because she had a pet Frog and enjoys poking it with a stick.

Roll on the end if term, can’t wait to see you.

Bubbles 2

Better get something chilled ready for him, perhaps something with bubbles which is what my photo is; bubbles from a bubble machine.

5 thoughts on “The School Term is Almost Over

  1. I’m very partial to a bit of fudge myself: a great present idea (TSO bought a little bottle of Frankincense scent when we were in Tunisia and fudge smells nicer!)

  2. Ha ha! That’s amazing. Have you read the book by Gervase Phinn “a wayne in a manger”? It’s full of funny stories that children say at Christmas.

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