Looking Up and Down…

…around puddles.

Inspired by Helena and Jill who both make lovely abstracts I went out to our supermarket car park which is always full of puddles when it rains. Now this, as you can imagine is mostly annoying but today I was thrilled. Passers by were hugely amused as I stood, hardly inconspicuous with my long lens taking pictures of puddles. Depending on where you focus you either see the leaves, the tarmac and any rubbish or the trees and sky above. It was a fun exercise and I have some abstracts that I love.

For Helena’s meme though, I have

Looking Up (via the puddle)
Looking up trees sky

Looking Down (into the puddle)
Looking down leaves and puddle

Thank you Helena

10 thoughts on “Looking Up and Down…

  1. Thank you for the mention! Glad that you were inspired.

    These are gorgeous shots! The colours are beautiful – very vivid – and your looking up shot is so clever – I would never have thought to look into a puddle for an “upwards” shot.

    I love the image of you standing in the parking lot taking pictures of puddles! I get intimidated about taking shots like that in public, but I guess I should just go ahead and do it!

  2. Hey Miriam,
    I’ve been on a bit of a blog break lately, but this morning I really enjoyed looking through your posts from the last few weeks. I’ve especially enjoyed the look up look down photographs. I’m putting my ornament in the mail to Alexa today – sorry to be a few days late. I kept going around in circles about which one to send!

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