52 Photos Project

52 Photos Project

Bella is hosting her 4th year of Project 52 Bella always has some interesting prompts.

Gallery 1 Fire

Gallery 1 Fire

I took this at the Japanese restaurant in town.

There are some interesting takes on Fire here

Although I followed Bella’s meme through year 3 I didn’t post them on my blog. They are here if you would like to see them.

Gallery 2 Criss Cross

Gallery 2 Criss cross

This is a criss cross of honeysuckle before I tidied it up!

My frame is from the Coffee Shop Blog

Project 52

52 Photos Project

Gallery 16 for Project 52 is Childhood Games and it has been chosen by Linda McGrath one of the participants on the project.

I really like the prompts for Project 52, they are a bit different and offer so much scope.

We used to love playing Scrabble as a family and as kids in the street. As we grew up many a game of it has been played over a few beers.
A word of warning though if you like a game of Scrabble. Don’t play with my brother-in-law. He is a terrible looser and was in the habit of making words up…
…”That’s not a word!!” We would all shout in unison.

gallery 16 Childhood games

…”you can’t have that it’s not joined up!!’

Gallery 16 games

Project 52

52 Photos Project

Gallery 15 at Project 52 is Fresh

What a lovely prompt. I went with Fresh Fruit, some peaches in particular because they have been so beautiful over the last couple of weeks. Mind you the cherries have been perfect… and I have loved the strawberries this year…

Gallery 15 Fresh

Fresh Cherries

Fresh Strawberries

The Colour of Summer and Project 52

An extra week of this fun challenge curtesy of Rinda at Gallo Organico
She has chosen Red Orange and Sky Blue for us.

Thank you Rinda.

I made a couple of Abstracts

brushes collage

Abstrct Broken glass

Saw a sunset
Red Orange Blue Sky

and made a couple more triangles for my bunting

Red orange bunting

And the bunting with week 7 sewn on.

Gallery 14 Down below

I am linking this photo with Gallery 14 at 52 Photos, (if I’m not too late) the prompt this week is Down Below.

52 Photos Project

I think there are a few people joining an extra week of The Summer of Colour, I’ll meet you over at Rinda’s blog.