November Currents

I found this over here.

This is mine for November. I try to do just one at the beginning of the month except for October when I forgot!!
It’s another list, I love lists.x

listening: to the wind chimes at my open window
eating: nothing, waiting for breakfast
drinking: water
wearing: Paul’s dressing gown
feeling: good
weather: bright, sunny, chilly, beautiful
wanting: nothing
thinking: about my hospital appointment this week
enjoying: blogging
wondering: why I missed October’s currents!

October Currents

8th October 2010

listening: to Paul & Lotta chatting

eating: 1 row Galaxy Hazelnut chocolate

drinking: water

wearing: black skirt, plum top, beautiful new beads

feeling: tired

weather: gloomy

wanting: dinner

thinking: It was stupid to have run out of my medication

enjoying: Lotta being here for the weekend

wondering: what’s for dinner. Ben is cooking


23rd September 2010

listening: The traffic noise
eating: toasted crumpets
drinking: water
wearing: still in my nightie!
feeling: better
weather: sunshine after rain
wanting: a coffee
needing: to get showered & dressed
thinking: how lucky I am
enjoying: de cluttering the house
wondering: about the future

August Currents

I found this here, which took me to here. I love the idea of doing this once a month.

LO to follow, I am still stroking the beautiful new papers that arrived this morning! Basic Grey Manila, sooooo gorgeous and perfect for this.

Here are my August Currents.

listening: to the rain hammering against my window

eating:  beautiful main meal leek & potato soup. It’s August! it’s chilly!

drinking: lots of water and the occasional glass of wine (hic)

wearing: anything with a raincoat over the top!

feeling: worried (work issues)

weather:  rain, rain, rain, rain, wind, rain,

wanting:  13th September to come, I am on leave for 2 whole glorious weeks

thinking: about Shimelle’s new class

enjoying: setting up my blog

wondering: do I have the courage to tell anyone about it!

August 2010

Alchemilla mollis after the rain