Christmas is coming….

…and I am now on holiday until the 7th January, hooray!
I had a play with some textures and the top of a very nice, very unexpected but much appreciated Christmas gift.
The textures are by Pixel Dust Photo Art
I had this mad idea to post every day through December, I have done so far but I notice they are getting later and later!

Thanks for looking. How are your preparations going? Are you finding any time for you?

Merry Christmas

I have been having such fun making these magazine trees but they are so addictive!
The large one is made from one of those small A5 size free magazines from a supermarket. It had about 90 pages and I folded it while watching a Robbie Williams concert! The smaller one was a small booklet that came through the door. I folded it whilst getting our meal ready!!! A friend of mine decorated hers with tiny baubles and bells and then mounted it on a chocolate box lid and wore it as her festive hat. Just too creative for me.
Anyway here are my trees to wish you Merry Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful weekend however you celebrate.

Journal your Christmas 14th – 20th

Where did that week go? In a haze of work mostly and at home we are under siege from the dogs muddy feet. I am sure she has another one or two legs this week. I try to catch her as she scoots through the door but she is so much quicker than me.

I am always in a dilemma about keeping the carpet sparkling (ish) especially at this time of year because I remember my friend visiting me one Christmas, she had cancer and knew she didn’t have long to live. I had cleaned the carpet (again) but that morning Pepsi brought what seemed like, half the garden in, I was so fed up but my lovely friend told me that the state of my carpet was not important, in the big scheme of things it was more important to sit with her and be together. So, my carpets have muddy paw prints on again this morning but you can’t see them and actually neither can I. Pauline’s face is in my head and I can here her talking to me…

I have some catching up to do. Pages to post and blogs to visit, I can’t wait to look at all your fabulous pages. What a creative bunch you are.

If you wan’t to read my ramblings journalling, click on the pages, they open in a new window and should be big enough for you to read.

If you made it to here, thank you x
I hope you are happy and content and have a wonderful Christmas.

Journal Your Christmas 11th December.

I had some time to myself on Sunday which is just as well because my journal entry for 11th has taken on a life of it’s own. I seem to have so much to say about Shimelle’s prompt for wrapping and then there was the story of the reindeer to tell. If only she hadn’t mentioned that this could be a really quick page to do!
My pages are quite small (5×7), so one page has turned into 5!….and the 11th wasn’t wrapping…
That’s the joy of this project though, no rules!

If you would like to read my journalling click on the page, it should open large enough to read in a new window.