Journal Your Christmas ~ last pages

Who ever thought so much could be written about Christmas in this house!
Thanks to Sian for her story telling Sunday’s to get the grey matter moving at least monthly, to Amy for telling me to scrap those stories and to Shimelle for her great JYC prompts.
Ooh that’s the beginnings of a list and it’s 10 on the 10th in two days!
If you have been reading my pages you will know that I really enjoyed the process and this year I was lucky enough to find the time to complete the task. I was also in a ‘good place’ in my head which of course we all know is the only place to be if you want to journal and craft.
Here are the last four pages of my project.
3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th

..and the back page

I have ordered the prints they should ship in a couple of days, almost done.
Have you finished your journal?
Can I look at it, pretty please?

Journal Your Christmas

I have my pages 30th & 31st December and 2nd January to share with you. I posted the first of January as my story for Sian’s wonderful Story Telling Sunday.

I usually finish my journal on Christmas day but this year I decided to try to stick with it until 12th night! Having the pages ready and one day one story approach has been great for me.
I have seen so many beautiful journals on the forum this year I am so looking forward to having my pages printed and turning ‘the project’ into a book to hold.

Journal Your Christmas 26th – 29th

I am hopeless at New Year resolutions and over the past few years have much preferred to choose a word which I generally think a lot about for at least a few months. I am still thinking about my word for 2012, anyway I am definitely making one new resolution this time.
I am going to stop mentioning the time passing as in, gosh where did that week, month, year go?
The time seems to be going quicker and quicker, racing out of control, which is something to do with ageing I am reliably informed. Anyway the last time I mentioned it was the last time…promise.
I have my pages 26th to 29th to share with you today.

Do you make a New Years resolution?

Journal Your Christmas 21st – 25th

I have had some days off work this week and it has been fabulous enjoying some quiet time. I have been thinking about some projects for the New Year, but I like to finish the current ones first otherwise I feel overwhelmed & then I give up! I decided to try to continue with JYC until 6th, I have some pages to share today.
Apart from the photo for today and tomorrow I finished my final weekly layout for my project 365, I am so behind with posting them though. I’ll spare your eyes & post them another time.
I have signed up for Miss Smiths fundraising project and have a Kirsty Wiseman project waiting to begin and of course Sian ‘s Story Telling Sunday is this week end.
It’s a good thing I had a rest then!