Project 64

Project 64 are looking for Salmon this week.

The colour looks much paler on the little card with my scribble on it.
I had the crayon with me at the garden centre this week and choose this geranium because it was such a good match.

This beautiful peony has so many shades of pink including, I think, Salmon.

I used this tissue paper in the glass to photograph some gold earrings and it was still on my desk when I saw the reveal. I wanted the beads for another challenge but changed my mind, I am sure the whole thing says salmon.

Look over here there are some really beautiful Salmon pictures to feast your eyes on.

project64 button

All my shots are SOOC this week.

Project 64

What a fabulous sunny colour this is, and today, at last we have sunshine and not a drop of rain. Have a look over here to see some beautiful sunny finds.

I was in the florist buying some cornflowers when I noticed the card with the colour scribble on in my purse
“Do you have anything this colour?” I asked the florist. She looked at me but didn’t say “of course we have we are a florist!” Off she went and brought me a yellow rose, an orange rose and said “If you mix these colours together you get this!” Ta da! Another purchase made.

This was on my desk when I saw this weeks colour reveal. No my desk isn’t in a field, I thought that although a good colour match a bottle of juice wasn’t very exciting so I found a lovely texture called ‘grasses’ and had a play.

I bought these poppies a couple of weeks ago because they were such sunny bright colours, they have had so many flowers on already.

The crisps were only purchased for photographic purposes mind!

Project 64

This week Project 64 is looking for Asparagus
I think this is a pine but I can’t find the name of it. These are the young new leaves, the older ones have tall brown candles on. Does anyone know it’s name?

This fern grows in a shady spot in my garden, It is huge this year. Another one I can’t identify.

I was playing with some props and a mirror, so although it’s not the freshest lime in the dish I quite liked the shot I got. I put an overlay on and just brushed over the skin of the fruit for this weeks challenge.

This is pyracantha, just in bud.

There are some beautiful Asparagus green photo’s over here this week

Project 64

Project 64 is looking for Cerulean Blue this week. It is such a gorgeous colour but I have struggled this week to see this blue around me.

And there it was above me

And right under my nose

And right there outside my door in the evening.

Have a look over here for some fabulous shots of Cerulean Blue