Texture Tuesday

Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday this week is the Pink edition.
Share a pink-filled image, processed with any of her textures. That’s it…that’s all.

This has Sweet Tart and If Only at various blend modes and one of Kim’s brushes which I choose following her thoughts on Day 20 of Beyond Layers….. It’s not about making perfect art. It’s simply about making art.

This texture is Sweet Treat

The texture on this is Cloudy Day.

This has one of Kim’s Magic Textures on, Scripted Edges.
I like how the pictures I choose have gone from light to dark, I have no idea how that happened today, but it did.


Something to Share

We went to see the lambs last weekend, so tiny and so sweet. The children just loved feeding them and the little creatures (lambs, not kids,saw those too) seemed quite unconcerned about being plonked (literally!) in yet another set of arms or an even smaller lap! The mothers on the other hand were so very protective about their babies. I certainly would not have gone the other side of the gate! This mother in particular was definitely fierce and you had to be quick to get a look at her babies!

Oh, You want to see the lambs?
Just lambs, no textures.

Yes, they were very lovely, and wooly, and soft, and small, and wriggly and hungry….

Texture Tuesday

It is Texture Tuesday over at Kim Klassen’s blog. Her request this week was to use the colour white (is white one colour or all the colours?) as the main focus of our picture and to use one of her textures.
Here are some of my white finds with added textures and photoshop fun.

This was one of many boats (and many pictures) taken through the window of the Isle Of Wight ferry a few weekends ago. I used Kim’s Oceanside texture on it.

Some bits & pieces on my desk this afternoon also with Kim’s Oceanside texture on.

The clouds have two layers of the picture with different blending modes, one at hard light the other at soft light and then a layer of Kim’s Natures beauty over it.

Pretty white tulips in my kitchen this week. This has three of Kims textures on it at various blending modes. Retreat, Word and Not Too Shabby

I have missed playing with textures, and I am really pleased that February is almost over, spring is on it’s way…
Pop over to the cafe if you have a moment, there are some fabulous textures to look at today.

A Cow and a Ladder

Has the woman gone mad? Very possibly after the day I’ve had. When I got home I need to chill, the ice cream helped but Kim Klassen’s Thursday challenge did the trick.
She gave us a picture of a cow to download and a challenge to add some of her textures. I used one of Kim’s newer textures called ‘The ladder’
I also used one of her templates.

Feeling relaxed now…..I have tomorrow off & lunch with a friend planned. I hope your weekend is good.