Skywatch Friday, Season 4, Episode 40.

These are my pictures for Skywatch this week, there are beautiful skies from all over the world here, take a look if you have a moment.

This ornamental cherry is in my garden and this is the second flush of blossoms I have had this year. It is so graceful and lovely against the blue sky earlier this week.

I am looking for natural frames at the moment and this one had the sky in it!

It has taken a long time to rebuild a derelict swimming pool and cafe and turn it into apartments, a bistro, a cafe and a lovely area to walk around. It is an island, the apartments are exclusive, very expensive and apparently wonderful and but you wouldn’t catch me living there especially in the winter, we have such high tides here. I would be terrified.
What do you think about living in such a place?

Sky Watch

I absolutely love to watch the sky.
Did you ever lie in a field with your friends watching the clouds and making pictures? I loved the way the pictures I saw were not always obvious to the others, you would then have to paint the picture with words until they saw it too.
I still see the pictures, although these days from a standing or sitting position!!
I have lots of pictures of my sky and thanks to Kerry for her link to Skywatch
I can post one every week

X marks the spot