Ive been zooming in and out over the last few weeks, although not venturing very far from home. I did manage to visit a waterfall for Rinda’s Scavenger Hunt though, so my ZIZO is from The falls at Aberdulais, Neath in South Wales

Week 31

Zoom out
ZIZO wk 31

Zoom in…can you see the rainbow in the water? I admit it’s not easy and I didn’t see it until I saw the pictures on my screen. The yellow seems to be the strongest colour.

ZIZO week 31

This lovely weekly meme is Helenas.

Birthday Give Away

Continuing with my Less is More thinking this year, I cleared out (well partially) my PHD box and came across a little pile of Projects Not Even Started!

I wondered if anyone would like any of these kits? I have no idea where the cross stitch packets came from. The rest came from the Mollie Makes Magazines. I believe all the instructions are on the MM website. All are still sealed EXCEPT the little coin purse. It does contain the items listed on the packet.

Help me celebrate my birthday today by taking these off my hands?

Leave me a comment saying which one you would like. E-mail me your address & I’ll send it out to you. I don’t mind posting overseas.












My Month in Numbers

January 2014

I’m joining in with Julie by recording January in numbers.

Month in Numbers January

31 the number of days of project 365 completed
4 the number of weeks of Frugal Still Life completed
5 the number of weeks of Helena’s new meme Zoom in Zoom Out
5 Lotta days
1 Christmas Dinner complete with trifle because Lotta was here
1 funeral attended but we had
2 baby boys born in our family. One to my niece and the other to Paul’s nephew
21 the number of days my son was away
21 the number of days I missed him
10 the number of fabulous purple nails I have
1 dentist appointment
1 doctors appointment
but 1 trip to the hairdresser for new colours more than made up for that
5 days of Carla Sonheims Gelli Printing class enjoyed.
1 lunch with my group
1 morning out with my friend
1 coffee with friends
70 postcards received from the printers and my only purchase this month, which I didn’t know I needed:
3 very beautiful wooden stamps

This month we decorated my craft room. A major job because I have so much stuff. We took advantage of Ben being away and emptied my room into his unoccupied room. We painted the walls a kind of stone colour. (Dulux Timeless) the woodwork and ceiling are white. I have a new carpet, a kind of honey colour. My desk, bookcases and cupboards are also white. It feels so light and airy. The colour comes from all my stuff! I’ll take some pictures when it’s all done and ‘for one day only’, tidy!

And for Julies Comunal Count…
The C C Jan 2014

Photo Art Friday

Photo Art Friday

Bonnie’s challenge this week is Abstraction(s) from nature.
I had lots of fun with this one. I have noticed so many beautiful abstract patterns in nature this week thanks to this challenge and with a few tweaks with levels, curves and Topaz here are some results.

I don’t know the name of this plant but loved the patterns and the fabulous purple.

I have a new lens, a much longed for 60mm Macro. I am finding it a challenge but am more than happy to keep practising when I see a dragon fly up close and looking at me personal. How beautiful her wings are. I liked the wings in black & white, they seemed to sparkle.

And the beautiful wings of the hover fly. I found it a bit scary when I saw the fly so huge in my lens! It reminded me of our biology lessons at school, Oh so long ago. The boys in our biology class liked nothing better than swapping what the girls were supposed to be looking at for a spider!

I am endlessly fascinated by the beautiful webs made by spiders in the garden. They are even more beautiful after the rain or perhaps the sprinkler? I played a little in Topaz, just for fun.

I also had a play with another way of looking at abstract.

I have loved this challenge and I am sure there will be fabulous interpreteations of Abstraction at Photo Art Friday this week.

Hope you have nice weekends. Maybe we will be dry here in the UK?